Evgeniy Yablokov

Location: Moscow, Russian Federation
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/eyablokov
Cellular: +7 960 5437562
Skype: etc.gular
Telegram: eyablokov

I would prefer email contact in the first instance.

I have more than 9 years of international experience in development operations and web hosting industry. I have been responsible not only for technical planning provisioning and support of hosting and server services, but also inter-department communications and sales.
Throughout my career, I have gained significant experience in managing server infrastructures across Linux and Unix platforms, including the planning, installation, configuration and optimization of IT infrastructure achieve high levels of stability and performance.
Happy to work on my own or as a part of a team, I have proven track record of proactively taking on new roles and tasks, delivering against deadlines and managing stakeholder expectations.
I enjoy going out of my way for both my employer and customer and try to work in such a way that is most useful to everyone, be that even simply making the coffee.
I am a strong leader and have excellent communication skills (both verbal and written). I occasionally give talks explaining and evangelizing technologies I have worked on.
Currently, I am interested to expand my skills as a developer and operations engineer. Raising infrastructure, thinking of it and choosing its ways, is my impression.

My Toolbox

Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Git, HashiCorp stack (Consul, Nomad, Packer, Terraform, Vagrant, Vault), CoreOS, Linux, Xen, AWS, GCE and many others.

I love automate code deployment process focusing on continuous integration and deployment using DevOps methodologies to achieve a frictionless deployment pipeline.
I truly believe DevOps practices can revolutionize IT operations, from infrastructure as code to monitoring all the things, the collaboration between Development and Operations leads to less downtime and when things do go down less time to get everything back up and running.

Work History


Yaroslavl State Technical University (YSTU), Yaroslavl, Russian Federation
Degree Name: Bachelor of Technology - BTech
Field Of Study: Engineering and Economics
Grade: 3.51
Dates attended graduation: 2000 – 2005
Direction / Specialty: Information Systems and Technologies
Specialization: Computers, Complexes, Systems and Networks
Diploma work: “Development of the system of dynamic separation of computing resources of a super computer into isolated logical parts”




November 2010 at “Specialist” Computer Training Center: